Windshield chip repair cost

Windshield Chip Repair Cost: Quick Guide & Tips

The Importance of Timely Windshield Chip Repair

Addressing windshield chips promptly is not only crucial for maintaining the clarity and integrity of your vehicle’s windshield but also essential for ensuring safety. If you ignore those little chips, they can turn into big cracks, and you might end up needing a whole new windshield. Knowing what it costs to fix them early and how it helps can lead to smart decisions that not only save you cash but also keep your windshield going strong for longer.

Understanding Windshield Chip Repair

What is Windshield Chip Repair?

Basically, it’s about putting a special kind of glue into the chip. This glue gets hardened and polished to make sure your windshield is as good as new in terms of strength and clearness. The cool part? The repair is usually done so well that you can barely see it was ever there.

windshield chip repair

Types of Windshield Chips

  • Bullseye: This one looks just like what you aim for in a game of darts, and it’s usually the easiest to fix.
  • Star Break: These chips have lines shooting out from the center, kind of like a starburst. They can be a bit tricky to smooth over.
  • Combination Chips: A mixed bag of different chip types all in one spot. These are the tough cookies, often needing more careful handling to fix up properly.

Getting to know these can help you figure out when to get repairs done and how much it might set you back, keeping your drives safe and your view unobstructed.

                 Factors Affecting Windshield Chip Repair Cost

Size and Type of the Chip

The windshield chip repair cost varies depending on the size and nature of the chip. Larger and more complex chips like star breaks or combination chips generally cost more to repair due to the increased labor and materials needed.

Location of the Chip

The location of the chip on the windshield also impacts the windshield chip repair cost. Chips that are in the driver’s line of vision typically require more precise repair to restore visibility, potentially increasing the cost.

Type of Repair Technology

Advanced repair technologies that promise better aesthetics and longevity may increase the windshield chip repair cost. However, investing in better technology can reduce the likelihood of future repairs.

Average Costs for Windshield Chip Repair

The standard windshield chip repair cost ranges from $60 to $100 per chip. However, costs can vary based on regional labor rates, the severity of the chip, and the materials used.

Insurance Coverage for Windshield Repair

Does Auto Insurance Cover Chip Repair?

Many auto insurance plans cover windshield chip repair as part of their comprehensive coverage, and they often do this without you having to pay a deductible. It's definitely worth a look at your policy to see what's covered, so you’re not out of pocket if a chip does occur.

How to Claim Insurance for Windshield Repair

To file a claim, you'll typically need to report the damage to your insurer, snap a few photos of the chip, and maybe even get a repair estimate. Also, your insurance might only cover the repairs if they're done by certified pros.

DIY vs. Professional Windshield Chip Repair

DIY Windshield Repair

Cost Comparison

You might see DIY repair kits for as cheap as $10 to $15, but going with a professional service offers a guarantee of quality and longevity that DIY kits just can’t match. Considering the costs you might face if a DIY fix doesn’t hold up (like having to replace the whole windshield), professional repairs often prove to be more cost-effective over time.

Risks and Benefits

DIY repairs might save you a buck in the short term, but they come with risks like not filling the chip completely or not curing the resin properly, which can mean your fix doesn’t last. Professional repairs, on the other hand, ensure that the resin matches the rest of the glass perfectly and is cured just right, giving you peace of mind that the fix will last.

How to Save Money on Windshield Chip Repair

Looking to save some cash on windshield chip repairs? Here’s a bit of a guide to keep those costs down and ensure you’re getting great service.

Shop Around for the Best Rates

Definitely take the time to compare the windshield chip repair cost among different providers. Shopping around helps you find the best price and service that includes a warranty on their repairs. Regular checks on your windshield and dealing with chips as soon as they appear can also save you from more expensive repairs later.

Choosing the Right Repair Service

When picking a repair service, it’s crucial to go with one that has certified technicians and positive reviews. Certifications mean the technicians are up-to-date with the latest repair techniques, ensuring you get a high-quality fix.

Talking about a top-notch choice, Camelback Auto Glass is highly praised for its professionalism and customer satisfaction.  offer competitive windshield chip repair costs and use advanced repair technologies to ensure quality and durability. Their certified technicians make them a reliable choice for anyone in need of dependable windshield repair services.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Future Windshield Damage

Keeping your windshield in top-notch shape doesn't just save you from the hassle of repairs; it's a real game-changer for your safety. Here's how to dodge those annoying chips and cracks:

  • Keep Your Distance: Keep a good chunk of space between you and the car in front, especially when you're zooming down highways or cruising along gravel-packed roads. This space acts like a buffer zone, keeping your windshield safe from flying rocks and debris.

  • Avoid Construction Areas: Construction sites are not your friend when it comes to keeping your windshield intact. They're full of nasty bits and pieces that can easily crack your glass. Whenever you can, take a detour.

  • Use Covered Parking: Whenever there's an option, park under cover. It shields your car from the wrath of the elements—be it harsh sun, hail, or falling branches—all of which can damage your windshield.

  • Drive Carefully on Rough Roads: On roads that are less than smooth, slowing down can save your windshield. The slower you go, the less likely it is that debris will kick up and smack your windshield.

  • Regular Windshield Inspections: Make inspecting your windshield a regular part of your car care routine. Catching those tiny chips early can stop them from growing into giant headaches.

  • Windshield Protection Film: Consider slapping on a windshield protection film. It’s like giving your windshield a personal bodyguard against impacts and scratches, helping it live a longer, healthier life.

By following these guidelines, you can significantly diminish the chances of incurring windshield damage, ensuring that your driving experience remains safe and unobstructed.


Understanding the ins and outs of windshield chip repair costs and knowing when it’s wise to opt for professional services can be a big help. Keeping up with regular maintenance and addressing chips promptly not only saves money but also maintains your windshield’s integrity, boosting your vehicle's safety and value.

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